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Recent Quotes

(Publication and web articles in which IC Insights has been quoted)

June 2018

Why This Startup Created A Deep Learning Chip For Autonomous Vehicles (read)
Forbes - June 11

May 2018

IC Capex Projected to Top $100 Billion (read)
EE Times - May 24 - By Dylan McGrath

Semiconductor industry sets new record in the first quarter (read)
Arirang Korea - May 18

U.S.-China Talks Continue as China Doubles Down on Semiconductors (read)
Yahoo Finance - May 07

China’s chip industry sees rapid Q1 growth (read)
Global Times - May 02

April 2018

Three Chinese Companies to Start Memory IC Production in 2018 (read)
EPS News - April 26 - By Gina Roos

Samsung's Chip Sales Leadership May be Fleeting (read)
EE Times - April 25 - By Dylan McGrath

The Concentration of Semiconductor Market Share (read)
EE Times - April 12 - By Dylan McGrath