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DRAM Market Impacts Top Ten Ranking

Samsung and Infineon Better Their Positions According to IC Insights' Research.

Scottsdale, Arizona -- August 6, 1999 -- The top five positions in worldwide top ten semiconductor supplier rankings remained unchanged for the first half of 1999 compared to 1998. However, the sixth through tenth positions in the rankings were very volatile according to statistics recently generated by IC Insights, Inc. (Figure 1).

A stronger DRAM market, in comparison to 1998, helped both Samsung and Infineon jump two positions in the ranking in the first half of 1999. As shown, Philips dropped three positions, from seventh to tenth, and was the only top ten company to display first-half 1999 sales that were less than 50 percent of its 1998 revenue. It is interesting to note the relatively small sales difference--about $500 million--between Samsung, the sixth ranked company, and Philips, the tenth ranked supplier.

IC Insights forecasts a 10 percent increase in the worldwide semiconductor market in the second half of 1999 compared to the first half of the year, with a total 1999 increase of 13 percent over 1998. IC Insights believes that stable average selling prices (ASPs) will lead to strong second half results in the DRAM and MPU markets. Consequently, first-half 1999 worldwide top ten semiconductor company rankings are likely to remain intact after the full-year sales figures are registered.

Figure 1

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