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IC Insights, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona USA

The McClean Report - 1999 Edition

An In-Depth Review and Forecast of the Integrated Circuit Industry

Second Edition of This Highly Regarded Study

IC Insights is pleased to offer its 1999 edition of The McClean Report. This highly acclaimed study provides historical IC data; detailed information on the current state of the integrated circuit market; and a sound, independent, and unbaised five-year analysis and forecast of the IC industry.

Whether you are involved in business planning, strategic marketing, purchasing, financial analysis, or simply need an authoritative study of the integrated circuit industry, expect IC Insights' The McClean Report to provide the reliable data and information you need.


  • Extensive IC Market, Unit, and Pricing Reviews and Forecasts.
  • Capital Spending and Capacity Issues.
  • IC Cost and Technology Trends.
  • 600 Pages and 500 Charts and Graphs!
  • Free Monthly Forecast Updates with Report Purchase.

What our customers have to say . . .

"Best available single resource in the marketplace."
Parker Brinson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at SEH America, Inc.

"A very useful review of the IC industry . . .
easy to read and very accurate."
Sam Anderson, Director of New Product Development at Motorola, Inc., SPS

"A valuable resource--comprehensive data
and insightful analyses."
Walter Class, Director of Strategic Marketing at Eaton Corporation, SEO

"Monthly updates provide timely information."
Randall Bane, Director of Industry and Market Research at Applied Materials, Inc.

Quality IC market research doesn't have to be expensive! For less than what accounts to $100 per month, receive:

1. The McClean Report

Featuring more than 500 charts and graphs in 17 separate sections, The McClean Report includes substantial amounts of information and data on nearly all facets of the IC industry. Global economic issues and business trends, product markets and developments, processing technology, and capacity models are a few of the areas covered in the report.

Summary of the topics covered in The McClean Report.

2. Monthly Updates

In addition to extensive coverage of the IC industry, purchasers of The McClean Report receive, at no additional charge, nine monthly updates (March through November) throughout 1999. The monthly reports present readers with developing trends and tendencies that are sure to impact the IC industry.

Easily locate information with a fully indexed report on CD-ROM

The McClean Report is available in a three-ring binder or on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM makes finding information in the report easier; it contains a fully indexed copy of the report that is searchable using Adobe's Acrobat Reader (software included on the CD).

Pricing (order form in
PDF format or HTML format):

Initial copy price: $1,090 (three-ring binder or CD-ROM)
Add'l copy price: $395 (three-ring binder or CD-ROM)

Download a PDF copy of The McClean Report brochure. The file can be read using Acrobat Reader 3.0, which is distributed free of charge by Adobe Systems.

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