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To better understand the IC market, you need to understand the end-use applications!  The IC market remains closely linked to the health of the electronic systems industry. As global economies continue to recover, demand for electronic systems will increase with an expanding number of end-use applications providing the stimulus for IC market growth. IC Market Drivers—A Study of Emerging and Major End-Use Applications Fueling Demand for Integrated Circuits—helps identify opportunities for growth and evaluates the potential for new applications that are expected to fuel the market for integrated circuits through 2020.

Internet-capable converging technologies and mobile electronic systems will keep demand for ICs strong through 2020!

  • The "Internet of Things"—Virtual representation of uniquely identifiable objects with an Internet-like structure (IP address) has been gaining momentum for more than a decade with no slowdown in sight. RFID is at the heart of this far-reaching trend.
  • Personal Computing—Demand has softened for Tablet PCs.  What is the future market direction for these systems and how will their growth impact traditional PC sales?  What IC content will be required in these different systems.
  • Smartphones—Smartphones remain the fastest growing segment of the cellphone market! IC content represents about 33% of the average selling price of a smartphone.  The success of 3G/4G smartphones is set to continue having a big impact on the future analog, DSP, logic, and NAND flash memory IC markets.
  • Digital TVs—UHD, 4K, OLED, 3DTV, Internet connectivity—consumers are bombarded with technology upgrade options for their next TV.  LED drivers, power management ICs, and MCUs/MPUs are expected to be big winners in this market segment in the coming years.
  • Virtual Reality, Drones, Robotics—A new wave of IC growth is starting to swell in several new and emerging system applications such as virtual reality headsets, next-generation robots for the home and factory, and drones.  IC Insights examines and identifies opportunities in these and a half-dozen other fast-growing applications to watch.

Find information like this and much more in IC Market Drivers.


IC Market Drivers is divided into two parts. The first provides an extensive database of historical and future IC market statistics categorized by end-use application. The second examines key electronic system applications that are expected to drive IC demand in the coming years.

PART I: Extensive IC End-Use Application Database

PART II: Analyses of End-Use Applications

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Your 2017 subscription to IC Market Drivers includes an update that will be released in 2Q17.  The update will contain final numbers for 2016, updated forecasts, and an examination of new developments in the electronic systems industry.

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IC Market Drivers is accessible over the Internet. Using the provided password, the valuable market data in IC Market Drivers can be viewed with any computer connected to the Internet. Documents are keyword searchable and include color graphs, tables, and illustrations.