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Database Overview and User's Guide




General Navigation Tips

Tips for Finding and Sorting Companies (or Fabs)

Printing Tips

Customer Support


IC Insights' Strategic Reviews On-Line database is the result of numerous comments and inputs from professionals such as yourself who desire quick and flexible access to extensive amounts of information on the world's IC manufacturers and fabless suppliers. This format makes it easy to search, sort, browse, and compile data in a variety of ways.

Interested in who's implementing 300mm wafer technology? Search and sort the database to find the answer. New foundries in Taiwan? Intel's fab locations? IBM Microelectronics' strategic alliances? Search and sort. The database can be searched according to company location, wafer size, product type, etc. and then sorted according to your specific needs.

The on-line version of the Strategic Reviews takes advantage of the capabilities of the Worldwide Web as an effective way to publish timely, useful information. Database information can be served up on request, thus ensuring that the most recent information is made available.

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For best results in using the Company Database and related Fabrication Facility Database, the lastest versions of web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator/Communicator are recommended.

In the Main Menu screen you may have noticed that there are links to access the Company Database and related Fabrication Facility Database. These links are password protected, meaning you will be prompted to enter a user name/ID and password before being allowed access to the databases.

The Company Database contains data on more than 200 IC companies, with the information on each company presented on nine linked web pages: At A Glance, Financial Highlights, Overview & Strategy, Management Personnel, Products & Services, Process Technology, Strategic Alliances, Fabs & Foundries, and Regional Offices.

The Fabrication Facility Database provides the same information that is shown in the Fabs & Foundries window of the Company Database. However, it allows you to more easily search for and sort through the details on the more than 600 fabs included in the database. If your main interest is IC fab data, then the Fabrication Facility Database may better suit your needs.

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General Navigation Tips

For best performance, the list of companies (or fabs) found is shown in groups of 15. There are links provided at the top and bottom of each group that will show the previous or next group in the found set. Note: if your search found only one company (or fab), you will be taken directly to the company (or fab) details, bypassing the listing page.

To view details on any of the companies found in the Company Database or fabs found in the Fabrication Facility Database, click on a company name in the list.

With respect to the Company Database, there are various ways to navigate through the profiles of companies you've found. The navigation bar across the top of each page provides links to each of the nine profile segments discussed above. On the left-hand side of the navigation bar, there are Prev Co and Next Co links that take you to the previous or next company in the found set, while remaining in same profile segment. In other words, you could scan the Financial Highlights segment of all companies in the set of found companies without having to return to the listing page to select the previous or next company. If you would like to view the list of companies, you can by clicking the List View link on the navigation bar.

Similarly, the Fabrication Facilities Database has Prev Fab and Next Fab links on the navigation bar that take you to the previous or next fab in the found set.

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Tips for Finding and Sorting Companies (or Fabs)

Find requests can be as simple as a single request for a specific company or as complex as a multiple-request search using operators and logical AND or OR functions. Below are the five steps required to find a particular set of companies (or fabs) followed by several examples and a list of operators that can be used to find records.

  1. Click Find Company (or Find Fab). If you want to find every company (or fab) in the database at once, click the All Companies in Database (All Fabs in Database) button at the bottom of the page, otherwise continue with the remaining four steps.

  2. Select whether to perform an AND search or an OR search (see examples below).

  3. Enter criteria [the word(s) or values(s) plus any operators to search by] into as many fields as needed to make your request specific.

  4. Choose how you want the records sorted (the default is alphabetically by company name).

  5. Click the Find Company(ies) [or Find Fab(s)] button to find those companies (or fabs) that meet your criteria. To clear the form and start over, click the Reset button.


AND Search

Select the AND search radio button. Enter criteria into as many fields as needed to make your request specific, and then click Find. Only those records will be found that meet each AND every criteria.

For example, in the Company Database, choose "IC Manufacturer" in the Business Type field and type "Taiwan" in the Country field to find all Taiwanese IC manufacturers.

OR Search

Select the OR search radio button. Like the AND search, enter criteria in as many fields as needed to make your request specific. Unlike the AND search, however, each criteria will be considered separately when finding records. That is, all records that meet the first criteria, OR the second criteria, OR the third, and so on, will be found.

For example, in the Company Database, select "Europe" from the Region of Origin menu and type "Singapore" in the Country field to find all companies in Europe as well as all companies in Singapore.

In another example, using the Fabrication Facility Database, type "200" in the Wafer Size field and type "<0.35" in the Min. Geometry field to find those fabs that are using 200mm wafers (regardless of feature size) OR those fabs using processes with minimum geometries finer than 0.35µ (regardless of wafer size).


To find values that are

Use this operator

Less than the value to the right of the symbol


Less than or equal to the value to the right of the symbol


Greater than the value to the right of the symbol


Greater than or equal to the value to the right of the symbol


Exactly as you specify, although the field may contain other values (additional words, for example)


Exactly as you specify, in the order you specify, and the field contains no other values


Within the range you specify

... (three periods)

One unknown or variable text character


Zero or more unknown or variable text characters


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Printing Tips

The database web pages were designed more for on-screen viewing than for printing information. As a result, the screen layout is wider than a standard sheet of paper. However, several options are available that facilitate printing the information.

First, in the Company Database, a link is provided at the top right of the web page that takes you to a special layout that is optimized for printing the profile of the company being browsed.

Second, you may save the web page being browsed as a plain text or HTML source file (check your browser's help documentation to find out how), open it with a word processor or text editor program, and then print the information.

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Customer Support

For support please call or send an e-mail or fax with your question.


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