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Recent Enhancements Made to Database

Several new enhancements have been made to the Strategic Reviews On-Line database. Most changes improve the navigation features, saving both time and clicks.

  1. Hit List Returned in Groups. To increase performance, found sets of companies (or fabs) are now displayed in groups of 15. If your search finds more than 15 companies (or fabs), links will be provided at the top and bottom of each group that will display the previous or next group in the found set.

  2. Direct to Details. When the database finds only one company in the Company Database (or one fab in the Fabrication Facility Database), you will now be taken directly to the details, bypassing the list view.

  3. List View Link. A List View link is now provided on the navigation bar at the top of the window that will return you to your list of found companies (or fabs). This replaces the reliance on your browser's back button.

  4. Jump Between Records. Now you can jump to the previous or next company (or fab) in the found set without having to return to the listing of companies (or fabs). On the left-hand side of the navigation bar you will find Prev Co and Next Co links for the Company Database and Prev Fab and Next Fab links for the Fabrication Facilities Database. Moreover, when using the previous and next links in the Company Database you will remain in the same profile segment (e.g., Financial Highlights, Products & Services, etc.) as you move from one company to the next.

Enhancements in the Works

Improvements to the search accuracy and capabilities are under development.

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