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Helpful Semiconductor Industry Links

Below are select links to semiconductor industry companies that offer products and/or services that complement those offered by IC Insights.

TechSearch International
TechSearch is recognized as a leading consultant in the field of advanced packaging technology. Besides offering several reports on advanced packaging technology and market trends, TechSearch locates and introduces companies interested in licensing a technology to other companies or acquiring a new technology.

IC Knowledge
IC Knowledge is the world leader in cost and price modeling for integrated circuits. IC Knowledge produces the most widely used integrated circuit cost and price model in the industry as well as cost and price models for discrete and power products and cost models for MEMS. IC Knowledge has recently added a line of products that provide a complete integrated view of the semiconductor industry over the next fifteen years based on the ITRS and also offers reports and databases. Customized products and consulting work are available in cost, economics, operations, and technology.

Founded in 1989, and headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, TechInsights is widely recognized as the world’s leading provider of advanced technology analysis and intellectual property services, including microelectronics reverse engineering and system teardown analysis.

SEMI is a global industry association serving the manufacturing supply chains for the microelectronic, flat panel display, and photovoltaic industries. Since 1970, SEMI has served its members and the industries it represents through programs, initiatives, and actions designed to advance business and market growth worldwide. The association is committed to helping its members grow more profitably, create new markets, and meet common industry challenges. IC Insights is a SEMI member.

International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS)
IMAPS is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics and electronics packaging technologies through professional education.  The Society’s portfolio of technologies is disseminated through symposia, conferences, workshops, professional development courses, and other efforts. In February 2011, the IMAPS Global Business Council honored IC Insights with a GBC Partnership Award for its on-going participation in IMAPS events.

Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)
The GSA mission is to accelerate the growth and increase the return on invested capital of the global semiconductor industry by fostering a more effective fabless ecosystem through collaboration, integration and innovation. It addresses the challenges within the supply chain including IP, EDA/design, wafer manufacturing, test and packaging to enable industry-wide solutions. Providing a platform for meaningful global collaboration, the Alliance identifies and articulates market opportunities, encourages and supports entrepreneurship, and provides members with comprehensive and unique market intelligence.