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April 13, 2006 BULLETIN

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IC Insights Ranks the Top 20 O-S-D Suppliers

Asia-Pacific companies noticeably absent from the ranking

IC Insights lists the 2005 top 20 optoelectronics, sensor/actuator, and discrete (O-S-D) semiconductor suppliers, using the combined sales of these three product segments, in Figure 1. According to IC Insights’ new O-S-D Report, Toshiba was the number one ranked O-S-D supplier in 2005 with just over $2.5 billion in sales. The 20th ranked company was Osram, which had just under $600 million in combined O-S-D sales in 2005.

Figure 1

As shown in Figure 1, nine of the top 20 O-S-D suppliers are based in Japan, seven in the U.S., and four in Europe. Interestingly, there were no Asia-Pacific (not including Japan) companies in the 2005 top 20 O-S-D ranking. With the major Asia-Pacific semiconductor startups having essentially ignored the O-S-D market segments over the past 25 years, the top 20 O-S-D supplier ranking is comprised entirely of Japanese, U.S., and European companies.

Besides there being no Asia-Pacific companies in the top 20 combined O-S-D sales ranking, there are no Asia-Pacific companies in the individual 2005 top 10 sales rankings for optoelectronic, sensor/actuator, or discrete products as well. However, IC Insights believes that over the next several years, device suppliers based in Taiwan and China will begin climbing into the top rankings for optoelectronics and discrete products. In 2005, Lite-On Technology of Taiwan just missed being in IC Insights’ top 20 list. Lite-On’s combined O-S-D semiconductor revenues totaled $554 million in 2005, missing the 20th position in the ranking by only $24 million.

IC Insights’ O-S-D Report provides complete coverage of the optoelectronic, sensor/actuator (including MEMS-based devices), and discrete marketplaces. Market outlooks, end-use applications, developing trends, and leading supplier rankings are included within this nearly 200-page study. For extensive market analysis and forecast data for the growing optoelectronic, sensor/actuator, discrete segment of the semiconductor industry, IC Insights’ O-S-D Report is your must have reference tool.

The O-S-D Report is affordably priced at $1,990. Users can order the O-S-D Report and The McClean Report—A Complete Analysis and Forecast of the Integrated Circuit Industry to receive complete coverage of the semiconductor industry and save $200 off the total price.

About IC Insights

IC Insights, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective market research for the semiconductor industry. Founded in 1997, IC Insights offers coverage of global economic trends, semiconductor market forecasts, capital spending and fab capacity trends, product market details, and technology trends, as well as complete IC company profiles and evaluations of end-use applications driving demand for ICs.

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