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The McClean Report Title

Current Edition: 2010 
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Report Contents and Summaries

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The McClean Report offers a broad look at the integrated circuit industry. The original 500-page study (monthly updates provide another 300-plus pages of information) is separated into 16 sections. More than 400 tables, graphs, and illustrations in the original report clearly describe various market dynamics.

Besides sections covering worldwide IC market conditions and economic issues, there are chapters dedicated to each of the major IC product segments. Likewise, trends pertaining to capital spending and fab capacity, as well as technology developments and packaging, can be found in other sections of the report.

Links to summaries of each section in the report are provided below.

1. Executive Summary (see below)
2. Global IC Industry Outlook and Cycles
3. Leading IC Suppliers and Foundries
4. Capital Spending and Capacity Trends
5. Market Summary by Device Type
6. Memory Market Overview
7. Flash and Other Non-Volatile Memory
8. DRAMs and SRAMs

  9. Microcomponent Market Overview
10. Microcontrollers and DSPs
11. Microprocessors
12. ASIC Market Overview
13. Analog Market Overview
14. Technology Trends
15. Packaging Trends
16. IC Economic Issues

Section 1. Executive Summary

The executive summary serves as an introduction to The McClean Report. It highlights the major issues that are detailed in the report to give the reader an idea for what to expect in the sections that follow.

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