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Current Edition: 2010 

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Section 15. Packaging Trends

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The assembly and packaging of ICs no longer takes a back seat to front-end processing. For most new IC products, packaging is an integral part of the chip design and production process; it is no longer just a simple, final step in the chip supply chain. As a result, accelerating demand for smaller, faster, yet less expensive products is pressing the packaging industry to keep pace with advancements in IC process technology.

This section provides an IC unit shipment forecast by package type (e.g., SO, FP/CC, BGA, wafer-level, bare die, etc.) and data showing how packages are evolving from simple cookie-cutter type packages to highly sophisticated and customized solutions. Details are provided on the ball-grid array, chip-scale package (CSP), bare die or direct-chip attach (DCA), wafer-level packaging, and multichip package (MCP) technologies, including stacked-chip packages.

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