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Current Edition: 2010 
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The semiconductor universe consists of integrated circuits (ICs) and optoelectronic, sensor, and discrete (O-S-D) components. Although oftentimes overlooked, the O-S-D market plays a vital role in the overall health and advancement of the semiconductor and electronic systems industries.

IC Insights’ 2010 O-S-D Report uncovers little-known but revealing trends in this marketplace and sheds light on the growing importance of these devices. In 2009, O-S-D products accounted for more than 16% of total semiconductor revenues compared to about 13% a decade ago.

Other important changes are also underway in semiconductors outside of mainstream ICs. Solid-state sensors and actuators—driven by MEMS technology—will be the industry’s fastest growing product segment coming out of the 2008-2009 industry recession! Moreover, LED sales continued double-digit growth throughout the downturn thanks to strong demand for high-brightness devices in LCD-TVs and new solid-state lighting applications. These are only some of the many facts to be discovered in the 2010 edition of the O-S-D Report.

Quickly Locate Information with a Fully Indexed Report on CD-ROM
The O-S-D Report is available in a three-ring binder or on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM makes finding information in the report easier; it contains a fully indexed copy of the report that is searchable using Adobe’s Reader software (included on the CD). The CD-ROM also contains color graphics files of report’s charts, graphs, table and illustrations for use in presentations.

Internet access to the report is also offered
The O-S-D Report is also accessible over the Internet. Using the provided password, the valuable market data in the O-S-D Report can be viewed with any computer connected to the Internet. Documents are keyword searchable and include color graphs, tables, and illustrations. This is a great solution for those times when you’re traveling.