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O-S-D Report Title

Current Edition: 2010 

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Report Contents and Summaries

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The O-S-D Report offers a substantial amount of information on many facets of the optoelectronic, sensor/actuator, and discrete industries. With 280 pages and 220 tables, graphs, and illustrations, the O-S-D Report provides a thorough look at market and technology trends related to O-S-D devices.

Included are an overview of the global semiconductor market outlook and cycles; extensive tables of market, unit, and pricing data through the year 2014; end-use application and regional market analysis; leading supplier rankings; device history and technology trends; diagrams and illustrations of devices and packages; and more!


• CCD and CMOS Image Sensors

• Laser Transmitters and Pick-Ups

• Solid-State Lamps and LEDs

• Infrared Devices

• Couplers, Isolators, Optical Switches

• Digital Character Displays

•Other Opto Devices

For nearly 30 years, solid-state optoelectronic devices have lived in the shadow of discrete semiconductors. Historically, optoelectronics was considered a small but fast-growing branch of the “greater” discrete marketplace, but that is no longer the case.

Consistently higher growth rates in optoelectronics enabled optoelectronics sales to exceed discretes by more than $3 billion in 2009. Optoelectronics revenues topped the discretes market size in 2008 for th first time in history—an amazing milestone, considering that optoelectronics sales were only one-fourth to one-half the dollar volume of discrete semiconductors in the 1980s and 1990s.

By 2014, optoelectronics sales are expected to exceed discretes revenues by nearly $10 billion. Strong growth in optoelectronics is being driven by several product categories within the opto-semiconductor segment, including image sensors, solid-state lamp devices (LEDs), and laser transmitters for fiber-optic networks.

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Sensors/Actuators (including MEMS-based)

• Pressure Sensors

• Acceleration and Yaw Sensors

• Magnetic-Field Sensors

• Temperature Sensors

• Fingerprint ID Chips

• Actuators

Solid-state sensors have been around for decades, often performing real-time measurements in embedded-control applications. But, it was not until 2001 that sensors were fully recognized as a fast-growing product segment within the semiconductor industry. Prior to 2001, sensors were mostly seen as an adjunct to the larger discrete semiconductor segment.

MEMS-based products account for 82% of the revenues in the sensor/actuator segment. With more devices being used in consumer electronics and cellphones, MEMS-based unit shipments in this category are forecast to grow at a CAGR of 19% per year in the 2009-2014 timeframe.

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• Power Transistors and Modules

• Small-Signal Transistors

• Switching Transistors

• Diodes, Rectifiers, and Thyristors

• RF/Microwave Transistors and Modules

A half-century ago, transistors began as small-signal devices, aimed primarily at replacing bulky vacuum tubes in switching and amplification applications. Ten years later, transistors developed into integrated circuits, which then began to eliminate the need for many small-signal discrete devices.

However, with 298 billion discretes shipped in 2009, the advent of ICs certainly has not stopped the growth of transistor products and other commodity solid-state discretes. In fact, discretes are seeing increased use in portable electronics applications such as laptop PCs, PDAs, and cell phones, which need more power transistors and other discretes in power management, switching power supplies, and battery-charging systems.

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