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Each Company Review Includes the Following

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Financial Highlights

Sales, net income, gross margin, R&D spending, and capital expenditure data for the past five years, as well as for the most recent quarters.

Overview & Strategy

Company history, business structure and reorganizations, market and product focus, major customers, acquisitions, etc.

Management Personnel

Executive officers and key management personnel.

Products & Services

Detailed overview of semiconductor product and service offerings.

Process Technology

Review of process technologies employed.

Strategic Alliances

Key partnerships and agreements with other companies.

Fabs & Foundries

Location, wafer size and capacity, process technology, and product data for each fab facility, and/or a listing of any foundries that are used.

Headquarters Locations

Address, phone, fax, and web site data for main and worldwide regional headquarters.

To get an even better idea of what each company review includes, access the online database for free as a Guest User.

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