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Current Edition: 2009

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Report Contents

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Solar Energy: Growth Opportunities for the Semiconductor Industry was written for semiconductor industry players to understand their silicon cousin. With almost 120 pages and 70 tables, graphs, and illustrations covering many different market, technology, and political factors, the new Solar Energy report is sure to be a useful research tool for any participant in the semiconductor industry that is looking to branch out and explore new business opportunities.

Samples of the Nearly 70 Tables, Graphs, and Illustrations

• Worldwide Solar PV Installations

• Solar PV Installations by Country

• Pricing Forecast for Solar Modules

• Map of World Solar Insolation

• Grid Parity Reached in Some Markets by 2010

• Global Electrical Generation by Type

• Smart Electricity Meter

• Examples of Concentrating PV (CPV) Systems

• Cross-Section of Basic Silicon Wafer-Based Solar Cell

• Solar Photovoltaic Technologies at a Glance

• Emitter Wrap-Through Back-Contact Cell

• Module Construction for Back-Contact Solar Cells

• Triple-Junction Compound Semiconductor Solar Cell

• Cross-Sections of Silicon Thin-Film Solar Panels

• Cross-Section of CdTe Thin-Film Solar Panel

• Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell

• ’94-’13 Solar Market Growth vs. Global GDP Growth

• Solar PV Sales at System, Module, and Cell Levels

• Growth of Thin-Film Module Marketshare

• ’07-’13 Solar PV Market Forecast by Technology

• ’07-’13 Solar PV Market Forecast by System Type

• Global Installed Solar PV Capacity by Country

• Top 15 Photovoltaic Device Suppliers

• Market for Semiconductors in Solar PV Systems

• IGBT Market and Units in Solar PV Systems

• Power FET Market and Units in Solar PV Systems

• Other Semiconductor Markets in Solar PV Systems

• Four Common Solar Inverter Arrangements

• Solar Inverter Using Full-Bridge IGBT Topology

• Solar Inverter Prototype Using SiC Power Transistors

• MCU Control of Solar Inverter Functions

• Maximum Power Point Varies with Conditions

• Global Solar PV Device Production Capacity

• Global Solar PV Device Capacity Utilization

• Global Solar PV Device Capacity Additions

• Capex for PV Cell and TF Module Capacity

• 2008 PV Device Production by Region

• Worldwide Polysilicon Sales for PV Cells

• Polysilicon Capacity Available for PV Cells

• Cost of Solar-Grade Polysilicon

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