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Current Edition: 2002

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IC Insights is pleased to offer its 2002 Edition of The McClean Report. This highly acclaimed study thoroughly examines the integrated circuit industry at many levels such as how world economic conditions impact the industry, changing capital spending plans, top suppliers in various product categories, forecasts of product segment growth, and technology developments. For more details on the topics covered in The McClean Report see the Report Contents.

Great ResourceFree Monthly Updates and Seminar

The McClean Report is more than just an annual report, it’s a complete year-long service. Purchasers receive, at no additional charge, monthly updates during the year and a seat reservation at one of the supporting seminars.

Totaling 600-plus pages and containing more than 600 charts and illustrations, The McClean Report is sure to offer something for everyone. Whether you are involved in business planning, strategic or product marketing, sales, purchasing, securities analysis, technology development, or simply need an authoritative study of the integrated circuit industry, expectThe McClean Report to provide the reliable data and information you need.

Quickly Locate Information with a Fully Indexed Report on CD-ROM

Book and CDThe McClean Report is available in a three-ring binder or on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM makes finding information in the report easier; it contains a fully indexed copy of the report that is searchable using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (software included on the CD). The CD-ROM also contains color graphics files of report’s charts, graphs, table and illustrations for use in presentations.

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