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Current Edition: 2002

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Strategic Reviews offers quick access to thorough examinations of companies involved in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits. Whether a supplier owns a fab or is fabless, has sales of several million or several billion dollars, Strategic Reviews provides detailed reviews of the operations and activities of over 200 of the world’s premier IC companies (totaling about 600 printed pages). Features

Choose From Several Media Formats

ComputerOnline Version

For optimum versatility, choose Strategic Reviews Online, a searchable database accessed via the worldwide web. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this version is that it is updated monthly with new information. View more information

Book and CDPrint Version

For an off-the-shelf reference, Strategic Reviews is available in a 600-page three-ring binder. Additionally, Strategic Reviews is offered on CD-ROM, with the search capabilities of Acrobat Reader being utilized.

Avoid hours searching the Internet or rummaging through piles of news clippings for random bits of IC company information

Whether you are involved in business planning, strategic or product marketing, sales, purchasing, securities analysis, or simply need quick access to information about the world’s IC companies, make Strategic Reviews your one resource for reliable data.

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