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Current Edition: 2002

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Each Company Review Includes the Following Information

Financial Highlights

Sales, net income, gross margin, R&D expenditure, and capital expenditure data for the past five years, as well as for the most recent quarters.

Overview & Strategy

Company history, business structure and reorganizations, market and product focus, major customers, acquisitions, etc.

Management Personnel

Executive officers and key management personnel.

Products & Services

Detailed overview of semiconductor product and service offerings.

Process Technology

Review of process technologies employed.

Strategic Alliances

Key partnerships and agreements with other companies.

Fabs & Foundries

Location, wafer size and capacity, process technology, and product data for each fab facility, and/or a listing of any foundries that are used.

Headquarters Locations

Address, phone, fax, and web site data for main and worldwide regional headquarters.

To get a better idea of what each company review includes, download a sample company profile or give the online database a trial run.

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