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Major changes continue with the IC manufacturing base!  Over the past decade, the landscape of the IC fabrication industry has changed dramatically.  IC manufacturers have done whatever they could to survive by closing older fabs, adopting the fabless or fab-lite business model, and consolidating.

The number of companies able to afford the cost of a new advanced fab continues to dwindle, causing greater reliance on foundries for production capacity. While the foundries have served the industry very well, such high reliance on so few manufacturers has caused some uneasiness in the industry.

Did You Know?

The top 15 300mm wafer capacity leaders now hold 97% of the world’s 300mm fab capacity, essentially comprising the entire future total available market (TAM) for leading-edge IC fabrication equipment and materials!


The newly updated Global Wafer Capacity study is an ideal tool for understanding the “new realities” of the market. This study will greatly assist IC material and equipment suppliers in creating long-term strategic marketing plans, especially when it comes to determining which IC manufacturers stand the best chance to remain in the business of fabricating ICs.


Use This Study to Find:

  • Capacity, wafer start, utilization forecasts.
  • IDM vs. fabless vs. fab-/asset-lite strategies.
  • Rankings of companies with the highest capacity.
  • Capacity forecasts for Taiwan, Korea, China, etc.
  • 300mm wafer fab count and specifications.
  • Forecasts for leading-edge (<20nm) capacity.
  • And more!