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Pricing and Order Form

The standard media format of the Global Wafer Capacity 2019-2023 study is PDF. The PDF files are delivered and accessible on-line via the Internet.  Every purchase includes an Internet access password.

For situations where multiple users within a company require access to the information in the Global Wafer Capacity report, a multi-user corporate license may be purchased.

Global Wafer Capacity 2019-2023

The 2019 edition, published in December 2018, features 100 pages and 70 charts/tables for the capacity analysis and forecast along with two addendums: a 38-page addendum that profiles the worlds’ leading IC manufacturers; and a 33-page addendum of detailed fab specifications.

Individual User
Includes PDF files, Internet access password, individual-user license: US$4,890

Additional Individual Users: US$995 ea.

Multi-User Corporate License
For those interested in placing an electronic copy of this report on a workgroup server or company intranet, a corporate redistribution license is available. The multi-user service includes PDF files, Internet access password, redistribution license for company-wide use.

Multi-User Corporate License: US$7,590


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