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Report Contents

The Global Wafer Capacity 2021-2025 study offers a detailed breakdown of the IC industry’s wafer fab capacity as it stood at the end of 2020 and then forecasts capacity for each year through 2025. The data were compiled, summarized, and extended into the future using both bottom-up and top-down research methodologies. Surveys of hundreds of fabs from around the world formed the basis for analyzing the IC industry’s current capacity status. Future projections were based on both survey results and IC Insights’ overall economic forecast for the IC industry.

The capacity analysis and forecast is presented in 70 charts and tables. In addition, there are two addendums to the report: a 40-page collection of profiles for the world’s IC manufacturers that are leading the industry in 300mm production and a 33-page listing showing detailed specifications, such as wafer size, capacity, and minimum process geometry, for all the fabs considered for the study.

Samples of the Charts and Tables


  • IC Manufacturers Included in the Data Compilation
  • Annual IC Industry Wafer Capacity History and Forecast
  • Worldwide Annual Installed Capacity Trends
  • Changes in Worldwide Annual Capacity Volume
  • IC Fabs Closed (or Repurposed) During 2010-2020
  • Installed Wafer Capacity Leaders
  • Capacity Leaders’ Shares of Total WW Capacity
  • Capacity Leaders per Geographic Region
  • Worldwide Installed Capacity by Geographic Region
  • Regional Installed Capacity by Wafer Size
  • Installed Capacity for Each Wafer Size by Region
  • Installed Capacity Forecast by Geographic Region
  • Seismically Risky IC Industry Capacity
  • Worldwide Installed Capacity by Wafer Size
  • Installed Capacity Leaders per Wafer Size
  • 300mm Wafer Fab Count
  • 300mm Wafer Fabs Scheduled to Open in 2021
  • 300mm Wafer Capacity Leaders
  • “Power” Ranking of the 300mm Wafer Capacity Leaders
  • 300mm Wafer Capacity Leaders Forecast
  • Number of Companies with 200mm vs. 300mm Fabs
  • Installed Capacity Forecast by Wafer Size
  • Worldwide Installed Capacity by Process Technology
  • Regional Installed Capacity by Process Technology
  • Worldwide Installed Capacity by Minimum Geometry
  • Regional Installed Capacity by Minimum Geometry
  • Installed Capacity Leaders per Minimum Geometry
  • Installed Capacity Forecast by Minimum Geometry
  • Historical Wafer Capacity by Dimensions
  • Worldwide Installed Capacity by Product Type
  • IC Devices Contained Within Each Product Category
  • Foundry Capacity by IC Device Type
  • Regional Installed Capacity by Product Type
  • Installed Capacity Forecast by Product Type

Addendum I: Profiles of the World’s Leading IC Manufacturers

Profiles of the world’s leading IC manufacturers, with extra emphasis placed on each company’s strategy with regard to existing 300mm fabs.

Addendum II: Detailed Fab Specifications Provided

For each of the 400 or so fab facilities surveyed for this study, detailed specifications are provided in this addendum. The specifications include:

  • Company Name Fab Name
  • Fab Location (city, state, province, prefecture, county, etc).
  • Date Opened
  • Wafer Size (mm)
  • Wafer Capacity (wafers/month) as of Dec-2020 and Planned Maximum Capacity
  • Process(es) Ran
  • Minimum Geometry of Processes
  • Product(s) Fabricated