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Monthly Updates

In addition to the original comprehensive study that is delivered in January, monthly updates to The McClean Report are sent March through November that review significant trends shaping the industry. An in-depth IC end-use application database is included as the June update.  The July update is an extensive 180+ page Mid-Year Report that updates all of the core information found in the main report.

Purchasers of The McClean Report receive these updates for no additional charge. 

Some of the important topics covered in the updates include:

  • Detailed quarterly market, unit, and pricing reviews throughout the year.
  • On-going capital spending updates (including revisions to capital spending budgets for the world’s leading IC producers).
  • Wafer fab capacity models for tracking supply/demand conditions in the industry.
  • World regional economic developments that impact the IC industry.
  • Analysis of end-use markets.
  • Various additional subjects related to the IC industry.