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Quarterly Updates

Fully Updated Semiconductor Forecast Each Quarter

Five-year projections for sales, unit volume, and ASPs

IC Market Categories and Segments

  • Analog — General-Purpose & Application-Specific Products
  • Logic — General-Purpose, ASIC, PLD, & Special-Purpose Products
  • Memory — DRAM, SRAM, NAND & NOR Flash, EEPROM, ROM, and Other
  • Microcomponents — 8-, 16- & 32-bit MCUs, DSPs, and MPUs for computers, cellphones, and embedded systems


O-S-D Market Categories and Segments

  • Optoelectronics — Image Sensors, LEDs, Lasers, Light Sensors, Infrared Devices, Optocouplers, and Other Opto Services
  • Sensors/Actuators — Pressure Microphone Chips, Accelerometers/Gyroscopes, Magnetic-Field & Compass Chips, Other Sensors, and Actuators
  • Discretes — Power & RF Transistors, Diodes, Rectifiers, Small-Signal Transistors, and Other


Quarterly Updates — Released in February, May, August, and November, the new quarterly update format will offer IC Insights’ most current core set of forecast data as well as in‑depth analysis on important subjects that are essential for staying well informed of semiconductor industry trends. The four quarterly updates will also provide expanded coverage on these semiconductor industry segments and topics:

1Q22 February — Expanded capital spending analysis, wafer fab capacity forecast, in-depth market analysis of major IC categories, forecasts by product type, and more

2Q22 May — Company sales ranking by major IC product categories, R&D spending forecast and analysis, deeper examination of China’s semiconductor market, and more

3Q22 August — IC end-use database, IC foundry forecast update, M&A scoreboard and trends, first half supplier sales ranking, and more

4Q22 November — Year-end review and forecast of IC and O-S-D markets, 2022 recap of major IC product categories, top supplier ranking, expanded capital spending analysis, leading spenders, and more