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Report Contents

MEMS 2010—A Realistic Look Beyond the Hype is an 80+ report with 60+ figures and detailed analyses of market and technology trends for accelerometers, gyroscope devices, pressure sensors, silicon-microphone chips, and a half-dozen actuator device categories, including micro-mirrors, microfluidic devices, RF MEMS devices, “biochips” or “lab-on-chips,” silicon MEMS oscillators, and more.

Samples of the 60+ Tables, Graphs, and Illustrations

• Where MEMS Semiconductors Reside in Today’s Marketplace

• How MEMS Sales Performance Stacks Up

• Sensor and Actuator Functions in a System

• MEMS-based Sensor/Actuator Market Growth

• MEMS Quarterly Market Trends

• MEMS Sensor/Actuator Unit Shipments

• MEMS Sensor/Actuator Forecast by Device Type

• MEMS Sensor/Actuator Market by End-Use Segment

• MEMS Sensor/Actuator Market by Region

• Top 10 MEMS Sensor/Actuator Suppliers

• Acceleration and Yaw-Rate Sensor Market Forecast

• Acceleration/Yaw Sensor ASPs Slide Lower

• Acceleration/Yaw Sensor Quarterly Market Trends

• Accelerometer and Gyroscope Market Trends

• Pressure Sensor Market Forecast

• Pressure Sensor ASPs Recover before Heading Lower

• Pressure Sensor Quarterly Market Trends

• Actuator Market Forecast

• Actuator ASPs Rise but Will Then Decline Steadily after 2005-2006 Plunge

• Actuator Quarterly Market Trends

• Actuator Sales by Device Type

• Comparison of Actuator Growth

Plus, More that 30 additional charts covering technology trends in MEMS-based devices.