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  • “Extensively and accurately covers the industry’s cycle behavior.”

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Strategic Reviews offers quick access to thorough examinations of companies involved in the design and manufacture of integrated circuits. Whether a supplier owns a fab or is fabless, has sales of several million or several billion dollars, Strategic Reviews provides detailed reviews of the operations and activities of more than 175 of the world’s established and emerging IC companies (totaling about 700 printed pages worth of valuable information).


  • Over 175 semiconductor companies profiled.
  • Company strategies and objectives.
  • Sales history and capital spending plans.
  • Product offerings.
  • Detailed specifications on over 400 fab facilities.
  • Key management contacts.

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Using a common web browser you can search, sort, and browse company information on your computer. With a few clicks, locate useful information on the over 175 semiconductor companies and over 400 fabs that interest you.

Continuously Updated!

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the online format is that the company profiles are updated throughout the year with new information.

Fab Database Included

As part of the online version of Strategic Reviews, a complete searchable wafer fab database is also accessible. View details of fab facilities around the world. Search and sort by process technology, devices produced, wafer size, wafer starts per month, country locations, etc.

Avoid time-consuming Internet searches or rummaging through pages of news reports for random bits of IC company information
Whether you are involved in business planning, strategic or product marketing, sales, purchasing, securities analysis, or simply need quick access to information about the world’s designers and manufacturers of ICs, make Strategic Reviews your one resource for reliable data.